Хөрөнгө оруулалтын банкирын ажлын нэг өдөр хэрхэн өнгөрдөг вэ?

There is no standard day in the life of an MICC employee. A normal week typically begins with a staff meeting to discuss current and potential projects. Depending on the nature of a particular project and its stage of completion, employees divide their time between interacting with clients; working on financial models and presentation materials; and speaking with potential investors.

MICC highly encourages continued learning and therefore, also has weekly one-hour training sessions on a variety of topics ranging from overviews of Export-Import banks to resume workshops. Hours can be long for analysts and associates, alike, but the energetic and tight-knit office culture ensures quality work time.

What qualifications do I need to have to work at MICC?

Minimum requirements include the following:

  • 2-5 years of related industry experience
  • Strong analytical and quantitative skills focused on financial modeling and valuation
  • Track record of success and clear interest in a financial advisory career
  • Strong communication and presentation skills
  • A high level of energy and attention to detail
  • Ability to work well in an environment that requires independent work and multi-tasking
  • The ability to excel under pressure and meet tight deadlines
  • High professional standards and the ability to work in a team

I want to join MICC. What are the next steps?

We are always looking for talented and capable candidates to join our team. Please email your resume and cover letter as a PDF to contact@micc.mn. You can find more information on career opportunities and current openings in the Vacancy section of our website.

What are the advantages of working for a financial advisory firm like MICC?

The primary advantage of working for MICC is that you gain significant hands-on experience with working closely with businesses in a wide variety of sectors. For example, as an analyst, you could be working on a financial model for a company in the retail industry and a business plan for a company in the construction sector, simultaneously. The exposure to a wide range of fields and the chance to interact with clients and investors in the analyst position is unlike most other financial advisory firms.

What kind of professional development opportunities will I have after joining MICC?

MICC organizes weekly in-house trainings covering various topics related to investment banking for all of its team members. These trainings cover various topics relating to investment banking. Furthermore, MICC employees have the opportunity to interact with executives from the biggest companies operating in Mongolia through MICC’s work.

What does it take to be successful at MICC?

MICC stars are individuals who are committed to our clients’ success, consistently deliver high-quality work, and are constantly striving to improve professionally. There are three core characteristics for successful analysts and associates at our firm: a sincere desire to learn and grow; a dedication to teamwork and MICC values; and a strong sense of professionalism.

What are the key differences between an Analyst and an Associate?

The analyst position is the entry-level position at MICC. Analysts normally have an undergraduate degree in business or finance, and work under an Associate’s supervision. An analyst’s primary responsibilities include supporting the project team in gathering data, conducting analysis, financial modeling, and information compilation. Associates at MICC have at least three to five years of Analyst experience in addition to a graduate degree in a relevant field.

Project management and supervisory roles fall under the Associates and Vice Presidents of MICC.

What kind of employee support systems are available at MICC?

MICC conducts formal employee performance reviews every six months. However, informal performance feedback is usually provided on a more frequent basis by each project manager. We view performance reviews as an important tool for the professional development of our team members, as well as for decisions relating to career advancement and bonus distribution.

Mentorship plays a crucial role in onboarding new team members and helping them adjust to our dynamic work environment. New team members will be mentored both formally and informally by more senior analysts and associates.

Do you accept applications from non-Mongolian citizens?

MICC strives to create a diverse team environment and welcomes job applications from foreigners interested in living and working in Mongolia . Our day-to-day business is conducted in English, and our inclusive, close-knit culture ensures that any newcomer to Mongolia would feel at ease working with us. For qualified applicants accepted by MICC, we sponsor work permits and other necessary immigration requirements.

How can I contact MICC?

You can contact us using at:

MICC, 7th Floor, JJ Tower
Baruunselbe Street, 1st khoroo, Chingeltei District
Ulaanbaatar 15170, Mongolia
Tel: 976-7011-2023

E-mail: contact@micc.mn, brokerage@micc.mn

About Internships at MICC

What would I learn as an intern at MICC?

Interns at MICC are treated the same as full-time staff members and are given substantial responsibility. Interns report directly to the senior management and work closely with analysts and associates on deliverables. Unlike some large firms, MICC is small enough to provide you with hands-on project experience and client exposure. Interns will have an opportunity to attend business meetings with senior partners that will enhance their ability to communicate in a professional way. Additionally, interns will learn how to write business plans, prepare formal presentations, and become better team players--all essential skills for today’s business environment. Most importantly, you will build significant knowledge about the economic environment in Mongolia.

What would my typical day be like as an intern at MICC?

No day is the same for MICC interns, as you will be assigned to do a variety of tasks each day, often working on multiple projects at once. Depending on your project, you may be writing investment documents, supplementary materials for potential investors, and actively participating in internal project team meetings. You will even have the opportunity to participate in business meetings with your clients.

Being an intern at MICC is not just work, though. You will have access to mentorship with senior staff members and the chance to participate in activities such as team happy hours and dinners.

I want to apply. What are the next steps?

The first step is to send a resume, cover letter, and transcript as a merged PDF file to contact@micc.mn. If MICC thinks you may be a good fit for the intern position, we will invite you to come in for an interview with our senior management.

What should I include in my resume?

  • School, GPA, test scores
  • Relevant work or internship experience
  • Work reference
  • Language and relevant skills

What kind of questions would be asked during interview?

Interview questions will focus on your background, relevant experience, interest in MICC, and your future plans. Our interviews aim to determine your fit with MICC’s work environment and your ability to handle MICC’s workload.

What is a typical career path like at MICC?

Analysts are promoted to Senior Analyst within 1-1.5 years after starting at the firm.

Based on performance, Senior Analysts are promoted to the Associate position after at least two years of full-time experience with MICC.

After 3-5 years with MICC, Associates are promoted to Vice President

The partnership track is available for outstanding employees who are committed to the long-term success of MICC.

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